Join us in doing something great with the furniture you’re about to replace

Billions of dollars worth of replaced furniture is dumped every year around the globe in to the ground. This has got to stop. There has to be a better way, and Innova Group has made the decision to partner with a not-for-profit charity, Pacific Assist to do just that. This is really important to us and we’d like to invite you join us in caring more about our global community.










The Euro.. The next big thing in mass public seating.

“It’s no wonder that our customers are all over the Innova Euro Chair. It’s all-in-1 shell with built-in ganging and no risk of rust by virtue of the poly prop structure make it “that” chair the market as been waiting for”

Graham Smith 
Innova-Group CEO
  • New Grey shell
  • Built-in feet that can’t fall off
  • Built-in ganging that couldn’t be easier
  • Poly Prop shell that can’t rust
  • Variety of seat colour that will suit any venue
  • A price point that make it a great option for schools, churches, clubs, stadiums, community halls and all mass seating venues

Mobile Staging solutions


Ask for your very own ‘sneak preview’ to place a PRE-SHOW ORDER now.

Come visit us at the Keno AHG Expo Stand# 219 & 224 for the big REVEAL…. 

Introducing the  ‘Ultra-Glide’ gaming stool

‘We want a gaming stool that’s easier to slide and move around”..customer feedback. For the first time we reveal the all new Nova Ultra-Glide gaming stool at next month’s AHG Expo. Last year you told us that your customers drag and slide your stools, so in response our engineers have created an all-new stool. It’s still incredibly strong, amazingly comfortable and just glides over the gaming room floor with ease. Our new Ultra-Glide base holds the secret.

2017 Keno Australasian Hospitality & Gaming EXPO,
29th to 30th March 2017 – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre


Thanks for the THANKS!

Let’s face it, every business does it’s best to impress upon their staff the need to provide outstanding products and service. But it’s always nice to see when a client takes the time to express their thanks and gratitude to tell you “A lot of companies need to take a leaf out of your book” and give us a “HUGE THANKS for GREAT Customer Service”…

Extending to all the Team at the Innnova Group – A HUGE THANK for Great Customer Service.

“Thanks for assisting us with our recent purchase of 60 Chairs for our Café  – They look fantastic and have very much become the talk of the Town.

Can’t thank you enough for the quick, hassle free service and product.  From the very first enquiry, to the Sales Department, to the ease of Order and to the Accounts Team ….  A lot of companies certainly need to take a leaf out of your book!!

As I mentioned, I had been researching various companies and suppliers for over 9 months, within 2 weeks, I had the privilege of sighting, ordering and receiving 60 chairs  and nothing was an issue… Thank you all  –  You should all be highly commended and deserve recognition and nominations for the Victorian – ‘Small Business Awards”…  Congratulations and well done!

Once again – we thank you.”

– Arther & Dina Dracopoulos, Cosmo Café, NSW

Hand Crafted Timber Chairs

Hand Crafted Timber Chairs

As a result of our clients requesting our assistance with furniture in their casual dining and restaurant areas we have created a collection of hand crafted natural timber chairs. Timber furniture inherently exude warmth and creates an inviting environment to enjoy the dining experience. Quality remains high on the selection criteria for this collection as it does for all product offered to our clients. I invite you to consider this new collection for your venue and if you have a vision of another design please talk to us. Our factory has the ability and capacity to custom make your designs.

Still the best folding chair available

The MityLite SwiftSet chair has maintained the status of being the best folding chair in the industry for the last 20 years. In a world where every good product is copied to within a an inch of its life, no one has managed to make a better folding chair. It’s ingenious design enables it to stack 48 high in less than a 1 square metre foot print. This makes it an incredibly attractive option for schools, community halls, camps and function venues where storage space is a scares commodity if it exists at all.

Call your account manager to see a sample and  sense the difference.

Graham Smith
CEO – Innova Group

24-7 Chair | What's News

Lightweight Banqueting

The 24.7 chair has been designed and created to provide incredible comfort for your guests and reduce the effort required for banqueting setups and take downs. The 8cm thick moulded and vented seat cushion provides added comfort and ensures the ongoing delight of your patrons while the 25mm aluminium tube frame is robust to ensure strength and durability but light enough to make life easy for your staff.

For both your staff and guests the “24.7” is the right chair – 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our latest attempt to destroy a MityLite Table. It wasn’t easy.

We often talk to our clients about how to care for their new tables so that they last for the period of the warranty (15 Years) and beyond. It’s not often that I consider the most effective ways to destroy these great products. After some thought and careful consideration I decided to have a talk to our truck driver and ask him if he would drop a 40ft shipping container on 4 Mity Lite tables to see how they would stand up to the challenge. At first he declined saying that he didn’t want to damage the tables in any way. I then explained that my intent was to see what the load bearing capacity of these tables really was and that I was OK if they collapsed. As you will see he got in the zone and really enjoyed playing his role as “Head of Destruction Team”.

Take a look at this clip. Whichever way you slice it the result is very impressive!

Graham Smith
CEO – Innova Group

It takes a hell of a lot to destroy a MityLite Table!

Since 1999 when Innova Group first started selling the MityLite table in Australia and New Zealand we have been persistent in our conversations and marketing that these are the toughest and most robust tables available. Over time other companies have made the same claim but without any proof of their “me too” position. While the proof is in the pudding, for many unsuspecting purchasers this all comes too late – the investment in failing tables has been made and money to make a replacement purchase is not available.

So to that end and in an effort to protect buyers from making the wrong decision, I made this video. While it’s a bit of fun, the intent is to demonstrate just how much effort is required to beat up and destroy one “genuine” MityLite table. That’s right just one single table was used for this entire clip.

You are unlikely to see the same punishment being inflicted on our competitors tables. Don‘t be fooled by cheap imitations.

Please call us before you make your next table purchase.

Graham Smith
CEO – Innova Group

Look for our new chair ‘Comfort Rating’

At Innova-Group, we understand that sitting on any chair for long periods of time can take some doing. To help you make a shortlist from which to choose, we’ve developed our very own ‘comfort rating’.

Depending on the chair’s use, whether your guests are seated for 30mins, or in the case of a banquet, 3-4 hours, choosing the right comfort rating is paramount to guest satisfaction. As the seating period varies so much, so does the construction of the chair to cater for the various uses. You can imagine the incredible discomfort experienced if the chair you use only has a thin layer of foam on the seat base. If your guests are likely to be seated for extended periods, then you should consider a moulded foam seat and back that’s designed with lumbar support. Alternatively, if the events have a shorter duration, then a square cut poured foam chair may be suitable.

To help you through this task, we have rated every chair ourselves. Look for the easy to understand comfort ratings, STANDARD (STND), HIGH (HIGH) OR MAXIMUM (MAX) comfort rating when making your selection. For instance, if you regularly hold conferences and your guests are seated most of the day, a chair with a MAX rating would be best suited. Alternatively, if you are purchasing chairs for your restaurant or cafe area, a STND rating will be just right.

…and as a final check put your bum to the test by asking to see a sample.

What's News? | New Dimensions

New Dimension Flip Table

Innova Group adds a new design to provide a more economical solution in instances where the your budget just won’t stretch to the MityLite option.

Flip tables of all sizes are becoming more popular for meeting and conference rooms in Clubs, Community halls, Schools and Hotels. While standard sizes are available for near immediate delivery custom sizes can be made to suit your specific requirement.

Other options include cable management systems shapes, sizes and colours.

What's News? | CMC Flip Table

The CMC Table

This new addition to the Innova Range of Flip Top Tables is The CMC – Commercial, Meeting, Conference table, an ideal solution with all the style and functionality. This table has been designed to nest conveniently together requiring only a small storage space or if necessary they can be left on a side wall without inhibiting the use of the room for other meetings and functions. The built in privacy panel is unique and so convenient.

What's News? | Gaming Stools

Innova Gaming Stools

Presented by Innova Group these are the preferred range of gaming stools of clubs and casino in Australia and Macau.

The decision for selecting the right gaming stool for your venue should be based on a criteria specific to building and growing your gaming revenue.

When consulting to clubs and casinos we focus on factors such as comfort, aesthetics and durability. If your gaming stool isn’t comfortable your revenue expectations will suffer.