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Our collection of indoor and outdoor café chairs appeals to café owners and café patrons alike. 

All our products are commercial grade, meaning they are made from durable materials that can withstand high traffic and heavy use in a café setting. Café chairs from our range are an investment in your business that you won’t regret. Choosing the right furniture for your cafe helps to set the mood and tone of your hospitality space. The question is, what mood are you going for?

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How To Choose The Right Café Chairs For Your Space

Our range of wholesale café chairs delivers comfort and durability with a stylish design aesthetic. They look so good, you’ll want them at home too!  Here are five things to consider when choosing café dining chairs for your hospitality space.


You need café chairs that complement the interior design of your café without overwhelming the space. If you operate an inner-city café that needs a minimalist, trendy look, check out our Ares Chair, available in a range of neutral colours. Or, if you’re a beach café owner, the Maya Chair and Bondi deliver chill coastal vibes.  


Obviously, the size of your furniture impacts the workflow of your team as they move around the dining space. Another aspect of size to consider is choosing sturdy but stylish, wide-based café chairs and bar stools that can accommodate patrons of all shapes and sizes to make your space inclusive and welcoming. Careful planning is essential, and we love to help you with this aspect of your furniture selection.  


Café chairs that work indoors and outdoors are a flexible and cost-effective solution for your business. Our selection of Innova Group-designed one-piece polypropylene café chairs are sleek, stylish, and reinforced with UV stabiliser to withstand even the sunniest conditions. Check out our Box Chair, Box Sofa, Maya Bar Stool, and Ares Bar Stool for outdoor café chairs that look great indoors as well.  


Stackable café chairs are easy to store and manoeuvre, allowing you to accommodate changing numbers of customers and provide flexible dining options. Our range of stackable café dining chairs includes chairs that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, casual café dining, and formal dining options. 

Quality construction

For café chairs that are strong, durable, and easy to clean, explore our selection of all-in-one construction café chairs, such as the Box Chair,  Maya Chair, and Plaza Chair. Our Hollywood Chair has a handcrafted timber frame for quality assurance. And our lightweight yet strong Lisbon Aluminium Chair is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  

Commercial Cafe Chairs 

Our wholesale cafe chairs provide support and comfort for your patrons so they feel right at home … and want to stay that little bit longer. If you’re looking for café chairs in Melbourne or Sydney, contact our friendly team today for expert advice on choosing the best café chairs for your hospitality space.  


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