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The quality-made, hard-wearing banquet tables from Innova Group are suitable for a diverse range of settings. Select from a range of table sizes in either round or oval shapes. They are engineered to last and remain reliably sturdy even with heavy use.

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From round banquet tables to folding banquet tables, deciding on what style to buy is crucial, especially if you are about to purchase large quantities of a specific type.

First of all, look for a banquet table that is durable. This is an essential consideration in a heavy-use commercial setting, where the furniture is bound to be subject to much more wear and tear than in a domestic setting. When the banquet tables are set for dining, they are susceptible to damage from drink spills and constant movement of glasses, plates and cutlery. And given these tables often get moved around (perhaps to change the room configuration or for better access to the floor for cleaning), they are especially prone to knocks and scratches. Selecting durable tables can significantly prolong their lifespans and save you money on replacements in the long run.

Secondly, consider what size tables you need. Larger tables, such as the Quantum Round Table, maximise the number of guests that can be seated. The benefit of small round banquet tables, such as the smaller-diameter versions of the Mity Lite Banquet Table, is they cater for smaller, more intimate groups. These encourage less noise as sound is dispersed rather than concentrated in a room with smaller tables scattered throughout.

Thirdly, think about the weight of the tables: there needs to be a good balance of solid materials for longevity while keeping weight at a minimum for the ergonomic convenience of setup staff. The Fenlite Round and Banquet Tables are a great example of lightweight tables and are a great lower-price-point option too.

Fourthly, consider your requirements for table storage. Is there a need to sometimes clear your entire room from furniture? All of our Innova banquet tables fold. Some of our tables, such as the Mity Lite Banquet Table, are designed to fit onto our custom trolleys, which limit exertion from lifting and moving. The trolleys also minimise the storage space needed when the tables are not in use.

Lastly, if you would like to retain the versatility of using tables with or without tablecloths, consider tables that present well even if they are uncovered. The Platinum-Plus Banquet Table is a great example. It has a laminated top in a contemporary wood grain finish.

And you can match your selection of tables with equally durable, commercial-grade chairs.

If you are unsure about what banquet dining table to buy, get in touch with us at Innova Group. Our customer service team has deep industry knowledge about the unique requirements of different industries and settings, such as cafes, restaurants, conference spaces, universities, clubs and hotels. 

With two decades of experience in commercial furniture, we can offer guidance and insight—including how to maximise the lifespan of commercial furniture. Contact us today.

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