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The success of restaurants and cafes doesn’t just depend on great food and service. The way the establishment looks also plays a big role in getting customers through the door. The appeal of the premises themselvesthe way they are furnished and decoratedis not to be underestimated. Your selection of hospitality furniture for your business plays a subtle yet powerful role in whether or not passers-by become your customers. 

There are plenty of good reasons why selecting the right cafe and restaurant tables and chairs can make a difference to your business. Here is a guide to how the right hospitality furniture benefits both you and your customers:

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  • Aesthetically pleasing

When selecting a cafe or restaurant in which to eat, would-be customers often peek in to see what the premises look like. A good first impression of the decor and furniture can entice your customers enough to come in, sit down, open the menu, and order. After all, a cafe or restaurant experience is as much about enjoying being in a pleasing environment as it is about consuming great food and coffee.

  • High Quality

No matter how good the furniture looks when it is new, the real test is how durable it is. Worn and battered-looking furniture that was not made to withstand heavy use can be off-putting to potential customers. And subconsciously, when your hospitality furniture is bad quality and worn, this can infer that your food and service are also of inferior quality. This kind of snap judgment is made by customers all the time. So always choose high-quality, durable furniture that can withstand the test of time.

  • Comfortable 

Let’s face it—unless your furniture is comfortable to sit in and use, it’s unlikely your customers will want to linger long enough to purchase dessert. Or worse still, they won’t want to return. Going to a cafe or restaurant is a home-away-from-home experience, and the more comfortable your customers are, the better.

  • Appropriate for the size of the premises

You may have your eye on a great looking style of cafe table or chair, but how will it suit your premises? Will there be enough space around the furniture for patrons and waitstaff to move about with ease? If space is limited, you may need to select tables and chairs that are smaller and narrower for easy access. Conversely if you have a lot of space and want to convey both comfort and luxury, large-sized chairs and tables that are spaced wide apart will visually convey a five-star experience.

Do you want high-quality, stylish, durable hospitality furniture you can depend on? We are one of the leading suppliers of restaurant and cafe tables and chairs. So if you would like to find some of the best restaurant and cafe furniture in Melbourne, look to us at Innova Group. As industry experts, we are on hand to help you make the right selection of furniture for your business needs. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable industry expert.

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