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Trolleys and carts are essential tools for moving heavy loads, making them ideal for use in a range of settings, from workshops and warehouses to hospitals and schools- no one like carrying a couch.  Innova Group offers a wide range of products, with high-quality trolleys and carts, designed to meet the needs of various industries and businesses.

The versatility of trolleys and carts makes them ideal for use in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, and retail. They can be used to transport everything from medical equipment and supplies in a hospital setting to stock and equipment in a retail store.

Innova Group’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their extensive range of trolleys and carts, all of which are backed by a comprehensive warranty and supported by excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking for a trolley or cart for use in your business or organization, Innova Group has the solution you need

Carts and trolleys are vital labour-saving devices for moving heavy loads. Consisting of metal structures on wheels, they are ergonomic, back-saving implements made for those who need to move items from place to place. Using carts and trolleys helps keep human exertion (people lifting heavy things) to an absolute minimum. 

Simply load up the trolleys or multi-purpose carts, easily wheel them over to their destination and unload the contents one by one. This saves a lot of time carrying all the items and significantly reduces the risk of back and muscle injury. When it comes to commercial carts and trolleys, Innova Group is one of Melbourne’s leading providers of quality equipment made to high standards.

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Our carts and trolley are designed with our tables and chairs in mind. They work and they work very well. The worst outcome would be to make a huge investment in tables or chairs only to have them damaged by a poorly design cart or using the wrong system. We can also help you if you need carts or trolleys for your existing furniture.

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What industries require the use of carts and trolleys?

Carts and trolleys are indispensable in many different settings across a range of industries, including furniture removals, hotels, schools, club rooms, churches, warehouses, trade exhibitions, wedding venues and hospitals. 

What carts and trolleys are available with Innova Group?

At Innova Group, we provide well-made, reliable, commercial-grade carts and trolleys. These are made of durable materials, so they can dependably withstand continuous, heavy use over many years. As well as being well-constructed, they are designed for easy manoeuvrability and handling, The wheels roll smoothly and the handles are ergonomical to ensure that heavy loads can be moved with optimal ease.

What types of carts and trolleys are offered by Innova Group?

The trolleys and carts we provide come in many different sizes and are geared for different purposes. Load up the ergonomical collapsible trolley cart with seven heavy tables with just a single operator; wheel up to twelve round banquet tables on a trolley that carefully protects their edges and prevents them from rolling off; place heavy bags on the luggage cart to easily move them to the hotel room; or load up the stackable chair trolley with conference seating for fast, easy setup. 

What types of tables and chairs are Innova Group carts and trolleys best suited for?

Our cart and trolley range is especially made for chairs and tables, and are ideally compatible with the commercial chairs and tables we sell. This ensures an ideal fit (ability to load to full capacity and perfect protection during transport) between the furniture pieces and the table or chair cart or trolley. You can browse through our range of commercial-grade tables and chairs that are perfectly compatible with the carts and trolleys we offer. If, however, you have existing furniture that you require carts and trolleys for, our customer service team can still help.  

How can you get in contact with Innova Group?

Our well-trained customer service team understands the industry-specific challenges and requirements you may have. That is why we are always happy to offer assistance in your selection of carts, trolleys as well as commercial furniture and other apparatus. Contact us through our online live chat, submit an enquiry form or call us directly on our toll-free telephone number: 1800 333 611. We look forward to assisting you today.

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