Wholesale Folding Chairs

With the help of the Innova Group, it’s never been easier to organise your venue or event seating arrangements conveniently in one spot. We provide durable and affordable wholesale folding chairs that are perfect for indoors and outdoors. 

A folding chair is a convenient option for seating a wide range of hospitality venues, conferences, and other wide-scale commercial and private events. These chairs are an excellent choice for venues where many attendees will be present, as they are lightweight and can be set up quickly. They’re also compact to store and easy to pack away after an event.

Our stacking and folding chairs come in a range of designs. If you’re after a high-quality range of fold-up chairs, we have an excellent selection suitable for dining arrangements, conferences, offices, and more.

The Mesh Folding Chair is a comfortable and durable choice for venues where seating is required for long periods. It also provides breathability, making it an ideal choice for warmer climates. 

If you require a functional and neutral design that can fit anywhere, our Vault Folding Chair is a light, comfortable, and study choice. 

The Novox is also a neutral choice when it comes to white folding chairs. These serve well as outdoor folding chairs and look amazing at formal events such as weddings. 

After the lightest folding chair imaginable? Then the Flex Folding Chair is for you! This chair weighs an impressive 20% less than other folding chairs and is designed to fit your unique shape. It also provides breathability and comfort. 

And if you’re searching for an extra durable folding chair, the Swiftset is also an excellent choice for high-use areas in schools, churches, and community halls.

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At the Innova Group, you can find all your commercial furniture in one easy place. We started in Australia over 20 years ago and have earned a reputation for supplying outstanding hospitality furniture to Australia and New Zealand. 

The Innova Group provides quality products that can help optimise a variety of commercial spaces. We understand that commercial furniture should be practical and visually pleasing. 

From corporate, government and educational settings to hospitality venues such as clubs, restaurants and cafes, we stock pieces that are not only versatile and fashionable but also provide durability and comfort.


We offer unique solutions for businesses and events. Whether you require furniture for indoors or outdoors, our selection of functional pieces will elevate any commercial space. 

In addition to our convenient range of folding chairs, we supply a comprehensive range of wholesale furniture in both contemporary and traditional designs. We supply modern and comfortable business lounge furniture and ottomans to add sophistication to any space, from corporate spaces to cafes and bars.

The Innova Group also supplies a versatile selection of portable staging options including dance floors. Our portable staging options can be used to quickly adapt an area to suit a wide range of events.  

We also provide carts, trolleys and other accessories to make packing up after an event or carrying heavy loads a breeze. 

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