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Innova Group has a wide range of trestle tables to suit any need. Trestle tables offer immaculate designs with the durability to stand the test of time. But we understand that style is just the beginning and other needs need to be met. Our trestle table collection goes beyond aesthetics to provide a foundation for flexibility and functionality in your work, home, hospitality, or educational setting.

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Due to their versatility, trestle tables are a popular choice for both home and commercial settings. Our banquet tables are the perfect addition for large gatherings, and our buffet tables are ideal for more informal events. Whether you’re hosting a large conference, facilitating a training session, or creating a collaborative workspace, our trestle table range offers a solution for all needs.

The tables can be used in any situation you can think of, including parties, weddings, catering events, car boot sales, or even in the home. And if you need extra storage space, our folding trestle table is a perfect option. With built-in shelves, it provides a convenient place to store all your essential items.

A trestle table can be one of the most useful items of furniture you will have. They can be used for many daily tasks and then folded away and stored, so your space can be clear for other uses. Whatever your needs, we have a trestle table that will suit your purposes.

You can rely on Innova Group to fit your entire setup. Browse our full selection of multifunctional furniture, including tables, conference chairs, stackable chairs, and more.


Are Innova Group Trestle Tables versatile?

Versatility is key, and our tables rise to the occasion. For example, our Mity Lite Reveal Duo Table converts from a standard trestle table to a registration desk or modesty panel in seconds. It is a meeting room table, boardroom table and registrations desk all-in-one.

They can be arranged in a variety of different formats and placed together to accommodate large conferences, or arranged in a circle or square shape with an open middle.

Are Innova Trestle Tables suitable for outdoor use?

Depending on your needs, our trestle tables can withstand different environments – making them suitable for outdoor use. However, we would not recommend leaving our tables outside in extreme heat, rain, or snow conditions.

What materials are used for the tabletop on Innova Group Trestle Tables?

With our trestle tables, you have the widest selection of styles, materials, and colour combinations available. This includes our wooden trestle tables which are laminated in a wood grain finish and have power-coated leg options available upon request.

Are Innova Trestle Tables sturdy and wobble-free?

Our trestle tables are constructed using premium materials that promise wobble-free usage. When set up properly, our trestle tables provide more than enough stability to get the job done.

Are there any folding options available for Innova Trestle Tables?

Folding tables are a great choice, especially in situations where space is a factor or for areas that frequently change settings. As such, our foldable trestle tables are the perfect choice for space optimisation. The tables fold down with ease and can be put away into storage until the next meeting or event.

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