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When looking for club furniture in Melbourne, there are many things to consider. Club furniture can be an important purchase for your venue, so you want to ensure that you have durability and quality in mind when you make your decision, and that you are purchasing from a retailer you can trust. Consider the following before you make your purchase; what, who and where. What are your specific needs when it comes to club furniture? Who can you trust to fulfil these needs? And where can you find suitable club furniture suppliers? 

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What makes good club furniture, good club furniture?

Just about nothing is more important when it comes to the style and mood of your venue than the club furniture you choose. From the club bar stools that patrons will sit at to chat and order drinks, to the club lounge furniture they will sink into to ponder life’s bigger questions, the sophistication of your venue depends heavily on its furniture. 

The most paramount factor to consider, of course, is the quality of the materials. Club furniture wears differently to home furniture – when there is a lot more traffic and use, club furniture can wear at a remarkable rate if it isn’t of remarkable quality. You need to ensure that everything in your venue is made from high quality materials, and is up to the unique challenge of the club environment; frequent handling, alcohol spills, and heavy traffic. 


Who can I trust to design quality Club Furniture?

If you’re looking for club furniture suppliers, it pays to head straight to the best, first.  Innova Group is Australia’s leading commercial and event venue furniture providers, and for good reason. 

In both Australian and New Zealand markets, Innova Group has been long recognised as a leading supplier of everything Club Furniture. From trendy bar stools to flip-top tables with clever mechanics, to lounge chairs you can sink into with style, Innova Group understands the market, and is proud to provide only the highest quality products to its customers. 

Where can I find quality club furniture in Melbourne?

Are you looking for club bar stools for sale ? Or flip trestle tables that make setting up and bumping out a breeze? Perhaps you need some stylish, comfortable and highly durable lounge furniture for your guests to take a load off in your venue? Whatever you’re hunting for, club furniture in Melbourne simply doesn’t get better than at Innova Group. And for those with multiple venues statewide, Innova Group are also club furniture suppliers to Sydney as well. 

Innova Group has long been recognised as an outstanding supplier of hospitality furniture to the Australian and New Zealand markets, and it’s no wonder why. When you deeply understand the market your customers operate in, and refuse to compromise on quality, you get the reputation Innova Group has forged, and the respect it has earned. If you are looking for unique solutions to your venue’s furniture, efficiency and atmosphere, we would love to help. 

Find out for yourself why customers consider Innova Group to be the best club furniture and wholesale club furniture providers in the country. 

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