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Café furniture is one of the most important features of your café. It has the power to lure prospective customers and keep them in your establishment.

The right café furniture can attract people, set the atmosphere, ensure your patrons are comfortable, and beautify the space. An attractive café ensures your patrons come back again and again to enjoy the same experience they had the first time. As the saying goes, first impressions count. At Innova Group, we’ve been helping businesses make that first great impression with our high-quality café tables and chairs and outdoor café furniture at competitive prices. We supply café furniture in Melbourne as well as Sydney.

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As a café owner, your customers are the key to the success of your business. Having the right furniture plays a huge role in attracting customers and potential customers, and keeping them coming back to your establishment.

The benefits of having the right café furniture are many:

  • It ensures the comfort of your patrons.
  • It enhances the ambience of your café and draws the customer in.
  • It enhances your brand identity and differentiates you from your competitor.
  • It helps to create a lasting impression on your customer’s mind.

When choosing the right café furniture, think about:

  1.   Your target customer – are they young and hip, mature and minimalist, families with young children, or busy professionals? The type of customers you want to draw to your café will dictate the furniture that would suit your café. For example, a young crowd might be drawn to eclectic furniture that blends disparate styles and textures to create a beautiful aesthetic. Mature customers might be drawn to timeless pieces that are simple and clean. Families with young children might be drawn to comfortable, well-worn pieces that can withstand constant use and battering. Take a look at our dining chairs that will suit a range of tastes and requirements.
  2.   Your theme – your café’s theme can set the atmosphere of your establishment. Are you going for laid back, boho chic, elegant, luxe, industrial, hip, farmhouse or cottage style? You don’t need each piece of furniture to answer the theme, just a few key pieces are all that’s needed to set the theme for your café. Furniture has a wonderful ability to set the mood in the room, and we have a wide range of pieces for you to choose from, to set the right theme for your café. Browse our range of café chairs here.
  3.   The size of your café – measure your space and ensure the furniture will fit comfortably in that space. Ensure that your workers have enough space to safely walk around while ensuring your customers stay comfortable. Traffic flow is important both for the safety and comfort of everyone in the café. The right furniture and placement will make the space inviting, but the wrong furniture will cramp the space and make it uncomfortable for your patrons and servers. Check out our café tables that will suit your space requirements.

Looking to furnish your café? Look no further than Innova Group. We are the country’s leading one-stop-shop furniture supplier, providing stylish, durable furniture at competitive prices. Check out our wide range of tables, chairs, stools and lounges that will help you achieve the right look and feel for your café.

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