While we all look for a chair that has the style and presence to be a real statement piece, that is quickly forgotten if your backside is getting pins and needles. Our range of chairs has been carefully selected to meet the demands of commercial settings.

At Innova Group, we have a wide selection of chairs to suit any need. Whether you’re looking for the best cafe chairs, church chairs, conference chairs, dining chairs, or folding chairs, we have something to fit your needs. Our Cafe Chairs are perfect for coffee shops and bistros, while our Church Chairs are ideal for both religious institutions and secular event spaces. Our Conference Chairs are perfect for business meetings and events, and our Dining Chairs are ideal for both formal and informal occasions. Finally, our Folding Chairs are a great option for both indoor and outdoor events. Whatever your needs, we have a chairs & tables to suit them. Visit us today to see our full selection. You will find our chairs in schools, community halls, clubs, churches, cafes, hotels, conference centers and most commercial settings right across Australia.

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Because we have been helping companies with their furniture decisions for more and 2 decades, we have experience and insights that will make your life easier. We not only assist with identifying the most chair but we’ll recommend the fabric that will go the distance, how to care for it and help if something goes wrong.

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What types of chairs can I find at Innova Group?

At Innova Group, we specialise in heavy-wearing, quality-made commercial chairs suitable for many different settings. Our wide range includes office chairs, accent chairs, lounge chairs, banquet and conference chairs. They are made of durable materials and carefully engineered to withstand the demands of heavy use. They are also highly practical in the commercial setting and most crucially, they are comfortable to sit on.

What should you consider when selecting chairs for a commercial setting?

Purchasing commercial chairs is an important decision, particularly if you need to buy large quantities of a particular type. The first requirement is durability: in a commercial setting, they are bound to be subjected to heavy, frequent use. Therefore, they must withstand wear and tear so that they remain both safe to use (structurally sound) and resistant to damage (so they remain presentable). The second requirement is comfort. The chairs may be sturdy, but if they are uncomfortable, this is a setback for your clients, delegates or members, especially if they sit on the chairs for long periods. This is an important point because, for instance, uncomfortable seating may be noted negatively in reviews of your venue and impact the likelihood of future bookings being made. The third consideration is aesthetics: how do the chairs suit the existing look and feel of your business or venue? Take into account the overall style of the venue and the colour scheme. The fourth thing to consider is how the chairs are to be stored when not in use, or when the floor is being cleaned. Is it useful to get stackable chairs? Or perhaps folding chairs or another type may suit you better. A fifth consideration is whether they are indoor dining chairs, or outdoor chairs. This is especially pertinent if you have a cafe or restaurant with both an indoor and outdoor dining area, where the chairs could be intermittently subjected to the elements, such as rain. If that is the case, then you may want to avoid chairs made of fabric and wood and instead choose comfortable, multi-purpose chairs made of plastic.

You can pair your choice of chairs with equally durable, commercial-grade tables. And if you regularly need to move chairs and tables in large quantities, consider purchasing a compatible cart or trolley to move them about: these are also available with Innova Group.

How can Innova Group help you?

Speak to the Innova Group customer service team if you are uncertain about what choices to make. With a vast knowledge of the needs of various different industries and settings, including conference spaces, cafes and restaurants, churches, clubs and businesses, our customer service team can offer expert advice. With two decades of experience in the commercial furniture sphere, we can offer insight and guidance, including fabric and material care. Contact us today.

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