We supply plastic furniture for all your business needs. Whether you need plastic chairs, plastic tables, or stools for indoor or outdoor use, our wide range of plastic furniture comes in various designs to suit any commercial space. Our plastic furniture is suitable for hospitality, education, government, event venues or worship venues. We are Australia’s leading plastic furniture wholesaler, and our high-quality furniture is priced competitively, beautifully designed, comfortable, and durable. Come and check out our range – you won’t be disappointed.

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When it comes to choosing furniture for your business, you want something aesthetically pleasing, functional, comfortable, and competitively priced. That’s a tall order, but at here at Innova Group, we pride ourselves on our wide range of furniture suitable for many business types, events, and venues, so you are sure to find the right furniture for your needs.

Our wide range of stylish and durable plastic furniture would look great in any office, venue, event, establishment, or place of worship. When it comes to choosing furniture for your business, organisation, or event, you want to choose one with the type of material that can withstand intensive use and wear and tear.

Plastic furniture is incredibly versatile and perfect for constant use and high-traffic environments. They are also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They are durable and structurally sound, and, when properly manufactured, are nearly indestructible.

There are many benefits to plastic furniture:

  1. Durable and robust – plastic furniture can withstand constant use while still retaining its look and shape and is an excellent choice for high-traffic and intensive-use settings. Body oils and cleaning solutions will not affect it, which means it’s great for infection control in high-turnover environments and is not easily damaged. Take a look at our range of plastic chairs that are both durable and stylish. 
  2. Easy to clean – plastic furniture is low maintenance and easy to clean with simple cleaning tools such as a damp cloth, water, and soap.
  3. Weather-resistantoutdoor plastic furniture will not crack, warp, deteriorate or grow mould in outdoor conditions. Take a look at the Maya Chair with UV stabiliser. It will never fade or go brittle, even in the sunniest conditions.
  4. Stylish – plastic furniture can be both timeless and elegant, as well as chic and fashionable, such as the beautiful Air Table, which is available in a range of styles and colours, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 
  5. Light-weight – plastic furniture is easy to move around and is stackable, which is useful in a café or restaurant setting, events, and office environments where furniture such as chairs and tables are often moved around regularly.
  6. Cost-effective – plastic furniture is usually mass-produced and, therefore, more cost-effective than furniture made from materials such as wood, metal, and aluminium. This is great for businesses and organisations that need to furnish a large space for an affordable price.

Need help in choosing the right furniture for your business, office, event or place of worship? We can help you choose the right plastic furniture for your needs. Check out our extensive range of plastic furniture today. 

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