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If your workplace needs a bit of manoeuvrability but you don’t want to sacrifice style, look no further than a flip top table. Is an important meeting coming up? Not a problem, set up your conference room in minutes with flip tables from Innova Group.

A flip folding table on wheels is a convenient option for your office space. They can be easily folded and stored out of sight when not in use and then wheeled in when needed. Set up only takes a few seconds and the casters can be locked into place with easy-to-use brakes.

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Innova Group’s flip folding tables are perfect for office settings, including conferences and training sessions, and can even be used in educational and workshop settings. These sturdy, versatile tables have simple mechanisms that help lock them into place, so you can easily switch them from working mode (horizontal position) to storage mode (vertical/upright position).

The flipping mechanism not only makes them easy to store but also saves on space, allowing them to easily fit into a storage room. Multiple flip fold tables can be neatly and conveniently stored next to each other until it is time to wheel them out for use.

Our flip tables come in different styles to match any setting. So whether you prefer a modern environment or a rustic look, you’ll be able to find a table that matches your interior design vision at Innova Group.

If you’re looking for a meeting room or conference room table that offers a little more functionality and style, Innova Group’s range of Flip Tables may be just what you’re looking for. Take a flip through our flip table range and find the perfect fit for your conference room, classroom, workshop, or dining area.


What sizes are Innova Flip Tables available in?

Depending on the flip table, there are different size options available. Many of our tables, such as the Innova Flip Table, have standard and custom laminate top sizes available upon request.

Do Innova Flip Tables come with wheels?

We understand that mobility is important for some workspaces, which is why all of our tables come equipped with wheels. Our wheels also come with brakes that can be locked and unlocked, making movement and storage easier.  

Are Innova Flip Tables easy to fold and unfold?

Flip tables offer more versatility than traditional folding leg trestle tables. The flip top folding table style is designed to be easily rolled around from area to area and set up for use. They can be folded and unfolded with ease, and stored to reduce storage space requirements.

The one-handed operation makes setting up and putting away your flip table even easier. We also have tables with a gas lift option, which lifts the top into the upright position with a lift-free experience.

Are there different top surface materials available for Innova Flip Tables?

We have a range of different surface materials to fit all aesthetics and durability requirements. In addition to standard laminate and solid-grade laminate tables, we also have solid hardwood table tops designed to match your preference.

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