Innova Groups Experience and Reliability

Innova Group has been the leading furniture supplier to the hospitality industry for more than 20 years. The current Corona pandemic isn't the first down turn in business that we have endured.

While the Global Financial Crisis hit Australia hard with many businesses not enduring that fallout, Innova Group continued to stand tall and stand by our customers. We understand that you need to trust the company you purchase from, but more importantly you want to trust the "people" you deal with.

We are large enough to weather the economic storms while maintaining family business values.

Our success is derived from the trust that our customers place in us. In return we support them with;

  • Over 20 years in business
  • Industry leading products, service and warranty's
  • People who care about building long term relationships
  • Innova Group has the people you can depend on to stand with you for the long haul, in good times and not so good time - like now.

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Graham Smith
CEO – Innova Group

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