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Innova Group’s
Rent To Own
furniture plan

Make easy month to month payments and
RENT TO OWN your furniture in just 3 years or less*


How Does it work?

Innova Group has created a way for you to have all the
furniture you need and pay for it month to month.

  • 1. The venue enters into a simple agreement to pay a fixed rental amount every month over a negotiated period*
  • 2. At the end of the period you own the furniture, or
  • 3. You update it for a fresh look, new design or get additional furniture for the same amount or less. You have control.

Talk to Graham Smith (CEO) directly on
0401 888 334 or email

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Rent to Own

  • No balloon payment at the end of term
  • No upfront cash outlay
  • Term is negotiable
  • Upgrade flexibility
  • Rent to own is an operational expense
  • Save capital for other expenses
  • You are in control