Magnattach Portable Dance Floor

The Mity Lite MAGNATTACH portable dance floor is the most expensive dance floor on the market, however there is a very good reason for that – It’s the BEST dance floor on the market.

Magnattach re-writes how dance floors are setup by incorporating the use of ultra-high strength nickel plated Neodymium magnets, mounted to the aircraft grade aluminium frame, smashing current perceptions of dance floors and set up times!

Made in the USA this dance floor reduces set up times by 90% because cam locks and grub screws are yesterday’s thinking and tomorrows OHS headaches.


A selection of Wilson Art laminate colours are available.

Width: 120cm / Height: 120cm

Wilson Art laminate floor.

Honeycomb core topped with Wilson Art laminate and aluminium edging.

5 Years.

Mity Lite.

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