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Innova Group offer a wide range of stylish, contemporary, durable stacking chairs that are made to withstand constant use. Constructed from the highest quality materials, you’ll find they’ll look great in your venue and offer superior comfort with our ergonomic designs.

Featuring some of Australia’s best stackable dining chairs, you’ll find they’re the perfect fit for restaurants, banquet halls and corporate dining spaces. You can choose from high or low backs with or without armrests, wooden or metal finishes and a range of colours and materials to suit your venue.

To add a touch of elegance to your dining experience, consider the popular Paris Dining Chair, which has plush cushioning and a high back that offers your guests a comfortable chair to relax in while enjoying a meal.

Innova Group also has a range of café stackable chairs that feature durable materials that are easy to clean and comfortable and add style to your venue. The wooden Bondi Chair is a classic café staple that blends seamlessly with neutral decors and will never go out of style. The Hollywood Chair and Oslo Open Tub Chair are meticulously designed to be functional while adding a touch of class and style to your café.

If your venue features outside seating that you must pack away each day, then consider our range of plastic stackable chairs. With contemporary designs, lightweight materials (to make them easy to move) and sturdy construction, our range is made to last. The Plaza Chair and Maya Chair are popular choices for stylish plastic outdoor chairs that are stackable. 

When choosing a stackable conference chair, there are a few things to consider. You need the right design for superior support and comfort for long periods of sitting, along with the right feel to enhance the décor of your room. The Pegus Chair is a brilliant option with its curved lines and mesh back, offering maximum comfort. Our range also features popular choices for many conference venues, like the Regis Chair, Elite Lite Chair and the Classic Chair.

Stackable folding chairs may be considered for high-use areas like schools, churches, and community halls. They are easy to fold and neatly store stacked on each other. The Vault Folding Chair and Mesh Folding Chair are popular choices for comfort and design.

As a leading furniture supplier, Innova Group offers a trusted range of stacking chairs to enhance your large or small venue. Check out our range today or call our team for advice on choosing a stackable chair. 

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