With your permission we’ll repurpose your old furniture to assist underprivileged communities in the neighbouring islands of Pacific.

For sometime we’ve been looking for the right solution to help
‘give back’ when it comes to our business. Most furniture that
looks a little tired, old and needs replacement, is still very
serviceable and can ‘feel like new’ to others around the globe
that are less fortunate. And this is no more evident than in the
nations of our neighbouring South Pacific.

Join With Us By Giving Back

Billions of dollars worth of replaced furniture is dumped
every year around the globe in to the ground. This has got
to stop. There has to be a better way, and Innova Group
has made the decision to partner with a not-for-profit
charity, Pacific Assist to do just that.

This is really important to us and we’d like to invite
you to join us in caring more about our global community.

Together we can make a contribution in what is a genuine
solution to the smashing and crushing of second hand furniture
contributing to landfill. We make the commitment that
with the help of Pacific Assist upon your approval, we’ll move
your old furniture into the Pacific Islands to be used by less
fortunate communities.

Pacific Assist is an Australian and New Zealand based
not-for-profit charity that serves the nations of the South
Pacific. Their mission is to inspire individuals, families, and
communities to be emotionally, physically, economically, and
educationally self-reliant.

Originally founded as Furniture for Schools in New Zealand for the purpose of collecting redundant school furniture for schools in islands such as Tonga and Samoa, Pacific Assist has expanded its focus to include education,health and well-being, economic development, and humanitarian projects in Australia, New Zealand, and the islands
of the Pacific.

We Can All Do Our Part

The core of our business has always been our ability to provide our clients with the latest innovations and designs in a range of furniture suited to hotels, schools, community halls, clubs, and a host of other environments.  We are all accustomed to the old adage ‘out with the old and in with the new’. We think you’ll agree that often what seems old to one, is like gold to another. Your ex-furniture can be such a windfall and make a huge difference to lives when repurposed instead on going to landfill.

As you consider updating your current furniture we invite you to think about letting us repurpose your tables, chairs, staging etc. to help the communities of the Pacific Islands. The cost is nominal, there is no profit to be made by any parties here, we are simply helping to strengthen the educational capacity and well being of disadvantaged communities by providing learning resources. And we’d love your help.

Let our service team know that you would like to be on-board, and when you next transition your furniture, take comfort knowing it’s going to put a big smile on someone’s face in a struggling underprivileged community.

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