Café Furniture

It is generally accepted that 21% of all dining seats are in outdoor areas. This number increases the further north you travel and as the temperatures become more consistent with longer outdoor periods. If you choose to use the same tables and chairs in both spaces, thereby increasing your options and flexibility you should consider the ability of any furniture to endure outdoor conditions. Alfresco type environments at least provide protections from the harsh sun and rain.

Products that should be avoided are laminate tops on tables which hold moisture and upholstered seats for obvious reasons. Moulded and sealed table tops are available in the SM France or the Werzalit brands. These are good brands which have a wide variety of colours, designs, and size options. Compact laminate offers another sound solution, however the price will be a consideration. Of course, solid timber tops are exceptionally eye catching and when appropriately finished and stored, can also be an attractive outdoor and indoor solution. Your café furniture selection should by design be convertible and configurable allowing the dining space to accommodate various party sizes.

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