Café Chairs – Non-upholstered

The alternative to an upholstered chair is a timber or PVC moulded seat with either 4 legs or a sled base. A more casual dining space should consider these options. Cleaning is simple and can be done in a timely manner. A wide range of colours or wood stains are available to make the desired décor quite easy to achieve. Although an unupholstered chair can be surprisingly comfortable the inclusion of a fixed seat cushion can provide additional comfort. Often this does not add a great deal to the price depending on the fabric selected. Let me make one further point on the subject of fabric. If you allow some flexibility in your fabric selection you will likely find that your chair supplier can keep the additional cost of fabric quite low if you are prepared to select an “inhouse” fabric. In house fabrics are provided by the factory who buy large quantities to keep the price low, however normally the range is quite limited. It will however assist you to achieve a budgeted price point.

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