Innova Product Catalogue 2015-16

Innova Group 2015-16 Product Catalogue-thumbnail

Clubs Brochure

Innova Group Clubs Brochure

Hotels Brochure

Innova Group Hotels Brochure

Local Government Brochure

Innova Group Local Government Brochure

Eduction Brochure

Innova Group Education Brochure

MityLite 2014 Catalog

MityLite Catalog

Table Datasheets

CT60 Classic Banquet Table

CT60 Classic Banquet Table Datasheet

CT66 Classic Banquet Table

CT66 Classic Banquet Table Datasheet

CT72 Classic Banquet Table

CT72 Classic Banquet Table Datasheet

Quarter Round Table

Quarter Round Table Datasheet

Half Round Table Datasheet

Half Round Table Datasheet

Oval Banquet Table

Oval Banquet Table Datasheet

RT3072 Classic Trestle Table

RT3072 Classic Trestle Table Datasheet

RT3084 Classic Trestle Table

RT3084 Classic Trestle Table Datasheet

RT3096 Classic Trestle Table

RT3096 Classic Trestle Table Datasheet

RT3672 Classic Trestle Table

RT3672 Classic Trestle Table Datasheet

RT3696 Classic Trestle Table

RT3696 Classic Trestle Table Datasheet

RT1872 Classic Conference Table

RT1872 Classic Conference Table Datasheet

RT1896 Classic Conference Table

RT1896 Classic Conference Table Datasheet

RT2472 Classic Classroom Table

RT2472 Classic Classroom Table Datasheet

RT3060 Classic Serpentine Table

RT3060 Classic Serpentine Table Datasheet

MityLite Mobile Buffet

MityLite Mobile Buffet Datasheet

Reveal and Reveal Duo Tables

Reveal and Reveal Duo Tables Datasheet

Reveal FlipTable

Reveal Flip Table Datasheet

Fenlite 60 Banquet Table

Fenlite 60 Banquet Table Datasheet

Fenlite 66 Banquet Table

Fenlite 66 Banquet Table Datasheet

Fenlite 72 Banquet Table

Fenlite 72 Banquet Table Datasheet

Fenlite 1872 Conference Table

Fenlite 1872 Conference Table Datasheet

Fenlite 3072 Trestle Table

Fenlite 3072 Trestle Table Datasheet

Innova Naked Tables

Innova Naked Tables Datasheet

Nesting Coffee & Buffet Tables

Nesting Coffee & Buffet Tables Datasheet

Chair Datasheets

MityLite Access Chair

Mity-Lite Access Chair Datasheet

MityLite Adapt Chair

MityLite Adapt Chair Datasheet

MityLite Avenue Chair

MityLite Avenue Chair Datasheet

MityLite CS400 Chair

Mity-Lite CS400 Chair Datasheet

MityLite CS500 Chair

Mity-Lite CS500 Chair Datasheet

MityLite Grand Chair

Mity-Lite Grand Chair Datasheet

MityLite FlexOne Folding Chair

MityLite FlexOne Folding Chair Datasheet

MityLite MeshOne Folding Chair

MityLite MeshOne Folding Chair Datasheet

MityLite MeshOne Stacking Chair

MityLite MeshOne Stacking Chair Datasheet

SwiftSet Multi-Purpose Folding Chair

SwiftSet Multi-Purpose Folding Chair Datasheet

SwiftSet Multi-Purpose Stacking Chair

SwiftSet Multi-Purpose Stacking Chair Datasheet

SwiftSet HD Chair

SwiftSet HD Chair Datasheet

Innova Elite Chair

Innova Elite Chair Datasheet

Regis Banquet Chair

Regis Banquet Chair Datasheet

Innova Classic Chair

Innova Classic Chair Datasheet

Innova Jubilee Banquet Chair

Innova Jubilee Banquet Chair Datasheet

Innova Cafe Chair

Innova Cafe Chair Datasheet

Innova Bordeaux Chair

Innova Bordeaux Chair Datasheet

Grand Banquet Chair

Grand Banquet Chair Datasheet

Harmony Chair

Harmony Chair Datasheet

Innova Lourdes Chair

Innova Lourdes Chair Datasheet

Majestic Chair

Majestic Chair Datasheet

Paris Chair

Paris Chair Datasheet

Windsor and Accent Chairs

Windsor and Accent Chairs Datasheet

Carts and Trolleys Datasheets

Banquet Table Carts

Banquet Table Carts Datasheet

Edge Stack Trestle Table Cart

Edge Stack Trestle Table Cart Datasheet

Flat Stack Trestle Table

Flat Stack Trestle Table Cart Datasheet


Ergo Cart Datasheet

Upright Trestle Table Trolley

Upright Trestle Table Trolley Datasheet

SwiftSet Folding Chair Trolley

SwiftSet Folding Chair Trolley Datasheet

Full Folding Chair Tree Cart

Full Folding Chair Tree Cart | Datasheet

Stackable Chair Trolley

Stackable Chair Trolley Datasheet

Stages and Dance Floors Datasheets

Mobile Staging

Mobile Staging Datasheet

MityLite Magnattach Dance Floor

Mity-Lite Magnattach Dance Floor Datasheet

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